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Mr. Raj Kumar Anand popularly known as R.K. Anand was Born on : 05-12-1960. After having graduated from Delhi University, his Journey From a simple worker to a Vastu Expert begun:

He was from a family business background who lost everything including the residential property. Then he tried property business, shares market, MLM of many cos. but resulted into Selling his another property when the position was from hand to mouth merely.

Then he Worked harshly there for a year to get the know of different Occoult sciences. And then he studied very hard unstopped from a deep to deeper study of Feng Shui, Vaastu and Pyramid power. The things changed favouably.

Now a recognised distributor of Pyramids & health products of highly reputed company Jiten Pyramids.

He gained vast experience by improving the life of thousands of fellow citizens ranging from agriculturist, service class people to eminent businessman, industrialist and politicians.

He is into correcting Vastu & eradicating Geopathic Stresses from residences, business premise, industries, mini hydroelectric power houses, and educational institutions.

A neat and clean Vaastu Expert for the service of the mankind and the nation as well. He says "New systems of Pyramid Yantra is simple and easy to use with marvelous results".

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Mr. Raj Kumar Anand

(Vaastu Consultant)